Mobile Device Management

Intuitive device management platform for modern workforce


Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution for a Modern Workforce

itkmdm arrangement enables you to verify and oversee Android, iOS, Windows 10 and macOS based endpoints including cell phones, tablets, workstations, tough gadgets, mPOS, and computerized signages.


Manage and Secure all Your Endpoints with itkmdm Solution

itkmdm solution allows you to secure and manage Android, iOS, Windows 10 and macOS based endpoints including smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged devices, mPOS, and digital signages.


Device Management Options


Why itkmdm Software?

As businesses are dynamic and diverse, so are their device management use-cases. They can have use-cases that range from deploying corporate-owned devices, allowing employees to bring their own devices to enforcing strict Kiosk Lockdown mode to front-line works. itkmdm Software supports every business use-case.


Corporate-owned deployments are ideal when you want to give your employees devices for work and this gives your organization full control of the device.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs enable your employees to use personal devices for work and keep corporate & personal data separate.

Kiosk Lockdown

Kiosk Lockdown is ideal when you want to enforce strict control and restrictions over your devices or want to run only a single app on the device.

A Comprehensive Way to Quickly Onboard and Secure your Device Fleet

Device Enrollment Methods in Mobile Device Management


Email based enrollment


QR Code/URL based enrollment


Google AfW based enrollment


Android Zero-touch enrollment


Apple DEP enrollment


IMEI based enrollment


ROM based enrollment


G Suite based enrollment*

Office 365 based enrollment

Automated Device Setup

Define a standard set of corporate policies that are aligned to your business and once the device is enrolled, all the defined policies are automatically applied.

Device Compliance & Automated Policy Enforcement

Create a profile with required MDM policies for device restrictions, passcode settings, access settings, apps and more and assign it based on OS or ownership type (BYOD or corporate-owned).

Dynamic Policies and Workflows

With our proprietary itkmdm Workflows feature, IT admins can assign dynamic policies to devices and also schedule repetitive tasks that will run automatically.

Protect Corporate Data through Device Security & Policies

Our MDM Software offers wide-range of security policies that enables your IT administrators to keep data secure and prevent data leakage. Enforce strong security policies to protect corporate data.

Enforce Passcode Policy

Enforce strong password policies to protect critical company data stored on mobile devices.

SafetyNet Attestation

Perform Android device integrity, security, and compatibility check and assign policies accordingly.

MDM Kiosk Mode

IT admin can lock a device into single or multi-app Kiosk mode and prevent access to system settings or any other apps.

Factory Reset Protection

Allow/block the specific Google Accounts that can be used to sign-in to the device if they are factory reset.

Control Screen Capture

Restrict your employees from taking Screenshots of Work Apps on their Personal Devices.

Configure Wifi Settings

Create, configure, and publish email exchange policy and then push them to itkmdm managed devices.

Detect Compliance Violations

Empower the IT admin to detect any compliance violations and take appropriate actions accordingly.

Remote Wipe/Factory Reset

Allow the IT administrator to remote wipe/factory reset device to prevent data loss or theft.

Security Incidents Monitoring

Monitor security breaches like forceful SIM card swap or unsuccessful exit incident from the Kiosk Mode.

Restrict Profile Removal

Prevent users from removing MDM Profile from the Apple Devices. This feature is available only on Apple DEP Devices.

Administrator Activity Logs

Get insights into the activities performed by administrator on the itkmdm dashboard.

Data Sharing Restrictions

Restrict users from copying/sharing data or documents from work apps to personal apps.

Seamless distribution and management of applications

Provision and remotely distribute apps to devices from Google Play Store via itkmdm dashboard. Silently push apps to devices and manage updates without user intervention.


Google Play for Work


Apple App Store


Apple Volume Purchase Program


itkmdm Enterprise Store


Discover & Distribute

Browse Google Play Store via itkmdm dashboard, discover & distribute apps.

Manage App Permissions

Manage all the application level permission of the apps that are being distributed by Google Play Store.

Host and publish internal apps

Host private apps on itkmdm Enterprise Store and publish them to the devices.

Enable remote cast and control to troubleshoot devices easily

Solve Android device issues faster and reduce equipment downtime & travel costs with screen sharing, remote control and inbuilt voice calling feature.

Screen Sharing

View what the end-user sees on their Android phone or tablet in real time, including apps, settings, and the device camera. (Android 5.0+ Lollipop)

Unattended Remote Access

Control unattended Android devices being used as point-of-sale systems or kiosks.

Remote Control

Navigate the screen, access applications, and click as if you’re holding the device in your hands (Samsung, LG, Sony, Lenovo & rooted devices Only)

Unified Communication & Call Management for Enterprise

A Secure Communication Solution for a Modern Workforce.


Instant Messenger


Contact Management


Alerts & Notifications


VoIP Calling


Call Management with Eva Phone

Eva Phone lets you leverage the power of itkmdm managed devices, by giving you options to create and publish unified contact lists across your organizations. It also gives you an iron-grip on your mobile bills by giving you a fine-grain control of outgoing and incoming calls.

Powerful Contacts Management

Eva Phone provides capability to create and publish Contact Lists.

Block Incoming/Outgoing Calls

Have granular control of outgoing and incoming calls by whitelisting contacts from the dashboard.

Enhanced Control with Custom Dialer

Gain enhanced control with custom dialer.

Seamless distribution and management of applications

Provision and remotely distribute apps to devices from Google Play Store via itkmdm dashboard. Silently push apps to devices and manage updates without user intervention.

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Itkmdm allows organizations to secure & manage endpoints including smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged devices, mPOS, and digital signages, along with apps and content. It supports the management of Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10 devices.

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