Mobile Content Management

Distribute business-centric content, play videos & presentations


Mobile Content Management (MCM)

Using itkmdm FileDock remotely distribute and manage content on company-owned devices.


Distributing Content via FileDock

itkmdm Content Management works on dispatcher and receiver model. The administrators are the dispatcher who upload and push the content via itkmdm dashboard and mobile devices are the receiver who receive this content. Receivers access the distributed content on their devices via itkmdm FileDock app.

Features of our Content Management

The administrator can manage all the content from the dashboard and remotely distribute it to the devices or group of devices. Users can access the content on their devices via the itkmdm FileDock app.


Support Multiple File Format

itkmdm’s MCM support various file formats. It supports doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, pdf, avi, mkv, 3gp, mp4, mp3, wav, 3ga, m4a, aac, ogg, amr & gif files.


Remote Content Copy and Deletion

Administrators can copy multiple files to different folder and then publish the folder(s) on a device or group of devices. Files and folders are automatically deleted from the devices if they are deleted from the dashboard.

How itkmdm Content Management Works?

Our Mobile Content Management feature enables you to manage content and its distribution in three simple steps from the dashboard.


Easily upload and organize various content format in different folders on dashboard.


Remotely publish the files as well as folders, seamlessly, from the dashboard to the devices or the group of devices.


Remotely manage & control content which includes adding, copying, deleting, publishing and unpublishing the files & folders from the devices as well as from dashboard.

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Itkmdm allows organizations to secure & manage endpoints including smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged devices, mPOS, and digital signages, along with apps and content. It supports the management of Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10 devices.

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