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Streamline device management operations like never before


Streamline Device Management Operations with Itkmdm InterOps

Itkmdm InterOps enables IT teams to streamline their mobile device management operations like never before. It helps IT administrators fix mobile device issues, support modern workforce by integrating with drive effective communication across business divisions.

How Itkmdm InterOps is Different?

In traditional MDMs, the device management operations are broken as they just focus on the management of devices. For effective device management operations IT teams need to use a wide variety of solutions for calling, managing tickets and for remote troubleshooting. As these different tools are not inter-connected, either the data is duplicated, or they end up working with stale information scattered across different solutions.
Itkmdm InterOps streamlines this process.

Traditional MDM


Itkmdm & InterOps


  • Scattered and siloed information across systems/solutions

  • Low response-time due to explicit context switches by IT team

  • Overworked IT Team

  • Time taken 60-90 mins

  • Unified source for both device management and support

  • Quick response-time driven by implicit context awareness

  • Relaxed IT Team

  • Time taken 15-20 mins

For Ticketing: Freshservice Integration

InterOps allows IT Teams to raise support tickets right from Itkmdm Dashboard along with complete device details.

For Troubleshooting: Remote Cast & Control

With the ability to remote into the affected device, capture & analyze logs, grab screenshots and/or record screen, InterOps Remote Support Suite will become the foundation on which your IT Support works.

For Communication: EVA Suite

Eva Suite compliments Remote Support by enabling effective communication between your IT Teams and employees. Employees can reach the right IT admins, who in turn can quickly look into device information and provide chat-based support. What’s more IT admins can get alerts for compliance violation and take actions right from their mobile devices.

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