Enterprise Mobility Management

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Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) for your Perimeterless Workforce

itkmdm EMM Software is a trusted partner for driving Enterprise Mobility Management for organizations across the globe. Secure and manage company-owned as well as BYO devices with itkmdm productivity and efficiency.


What is itkmdm EMM?

Organizations today expect an agile workforce independent of location and devices. IT teams must drive employee agility by creating a mobility strategy that is not bound by perimeters while maintaining the device and data security. itkmdm EMM Software enables an organization to implement perimeter-less Mobility Strategy by providing one platform to manage and secure endpoints, enterprise communications suite and set of capabilities to streamline device management operations.

Mobile Device Management 

Application Management 

Communication Suite

itkmdm InterOps

Secure and Manage Your Devices for Business with itkmdm EMM Solution

With itkmdm EMM solution, you can manage and secure diverse Android, iOS, Windows 10 and macOS devices used in your organization. It empowers IT admins to manage various endpoints such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged devices, mPOS, and digital signages through a single management platform.


Enterprise Device Management Options



Window 10


Ready for Every Business Use Case

itkmdm EMM Software accommodates the dynamic needs of businesses and its heterogeneity of use cases. From devices deployed for knowledge workers to task workers, itkmdm supports management of corporate-owned, BYO as well as kiosk and rugged devices.


Ideal for devices that need granular control, itkmdm EMM enables IT admins to manage company-owned devices issued to the employees.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs enable your employees to use personal devices for work and keep corporate & personal data separate.

Kiosk Lockdown

Facilitate front-line workers by enforcing restrictions and extending support to kiosks running single or multiple applications.

Seamless App Distribution and Management

Distribute apps to your device fleet from App Store and Google Play Store via itkmdm dashboard. Install apps silently on devices eliminating the need for device-user approval.


Google Play for Work


Apple App Store


Apple Volume Purchase Program


itkmdm Enterprise Store


Discover & Distribute

Browse apps on the App Store & Google Play store, install on multiple devices

Manage App Permissions

Distribute apps seamlessly by managing permissions on the dashboard

Host and publish internal apps

Host enterprise apps on itkmdm Enterprise Store and privately distribute on managed devices

Unified Communication & Call Management for Enterprise

A Secure Communication Solution for a Modern Workforce.


Instant Messenger


Contact Management


Alerts & Notifications


VoIP Calling


Call Management with Eva Phone

With Eva Phone, utilize VoIP calling across all devices along with two-way encrypted messaging. Suppress excess mobile charges by allowing incoming and outgoing calls only within a unified contact list created and published by the IT admins. With Eva conference Call, set up connections between multiple devices.

Manage Contact Books on Devices

Create and publish contact lists on devices.

Allow only work calls

Restrict incoming and outgoing calls to the contact list.

Conference Call Support

Conference call support for team discussions & trainings over the air.

Steadfast Device Compliance & Policy Enforcement

Exercise total control. Systematize device enrollment and enforce policies. Equip the devices with business-driven apps, monitor device performance & extend quick fixes for device issues.

Effortless Device Setup

Curate business-specific policies and restrictions. The policies will be applied on the devices on activation.

Device Compliance & Automated Policy Enforcement

Design policies pertinent for various ownership types or OS with essential restrictions, passcode settings and relevant apps.

Dynamic Policies and Workflows

Using itkmdm Workflows, assign dynamic policies and schedule recurring tasks to run on devices without any scripting or coding.

Secure corporate data with robust security policies

With our EMM solution, IT administrators can create strong policies and device settings to secure corporate data and impede data leakage.

Enforce Passcode Policy

Enforce strong password policies to protect critical company data stored on mobile devices.

SafetyNet Attestation

Perform Android device integrity, security, and compatibility check and assign policies accordingly.

MDM Kiosk Mode

IT admin can lock a device into single or multi-app Kiosk mode and prevent access to system settings or any other apps.

Factory Reset Protection

Allow/block the specific Google Accounts that can be used to sign-in to the device if they are factory reset.

Control Screen Capture

Restrict your employees from taking Screenshots of Work Apps on their Personal Devices.

Configure Wifi Settings

Create, configure, and publish email exchange policy and then push them to itkmdm managed devices.

Detect Compliance Violations

Empower the IT admin to detect any compliance violations and take appropriate actions accordingly.

Remote Wipe/Factory Reset

Allow the IT administrator to remote wipe/factory reset device to prevent data loss or theft.

Security Incidents Monitoring

Monitor security breaches like forceful SIM card swap or unsuccessful exit incident from the Kiosk Mode.

Restrict Profile Removal

Prevent users from removing MDM Profile from the Apple Devices. This feature is available only on Apple DEP Devices.

Administrator Activity Logs

Get insights into the activities performed by administrator on the itkmdm dashboard.

Data Sharing Restrictions

Restrict users from copying/sharing data or documents from work apps to personal apps.

Device Management Operations made easy with itkmdm InterOps

Cut down on device downtime & travel costs with Remote Cast, VoIP calling & Freshservice integration.

Traditional MDM


Itkmdm & InterOps


Screen Sharing

Mirror iOS and Android phones and tablets in real time. Observe device & app behaviour on the user-end.

Unattended Remote Access

Monitor & control unattended devices used as kiosks, point-of-sale systems & digital signage.

Reports Bugs and Device Issues

Create tickets for device issues & send it to Freshservice with context-aware device information on itkmdm dashboard.

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Itkmdm allows organizations to secure & manage endpoints including smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged devices, mPOS, and digital signages, along with apps and content. It supports the management of Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10 devices.

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