Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Protect business apps and data on employee-owned devices


Present to Your Own Device (BYOD) Management for a Modern Workforce

Enable your representatives to work from anyplace. Stretch out consistent access to business assets and applications. Ensure corporate information on representative claimed gadgets without settling on worker information security with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) arrangements.


Why itkmdm for BYOD Management?

Along with thorough corporate data security and proprietary user management feature, itkmdm BYOD solutions offer an integrated communication suite that enables employees to securely access corporate resources with seamless communication.


User Management

Add/manage clients and apply corporate approaches to their own gadgets in a simple manner.

BYOD Security

Actualize vigorous security and information insurance approaches, for example, disabling duplicating of information from work applications to individual applications.

Integrated Communication

EVA Communication Suite enables clients to have a two-way talk and VoIP Calls with their groups over the association.

Secure and Manage Your Devices for Business with itkmdm BYOD Solutions

itkmdm BYOD solutions empower you to manage and secure employee-owned Android, iOS and MacOS devices used for work. Equip BYO devices with business apps, improve employee availability & reduce customer response time.


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Ready for Every Industry

With itkmdm BYOD software, diverse businesses & educational institutes can encourage their employees & students to use their personal devices for work & education without compromising on security & privacy.


Enhance learning processes by introducing BYOD for students. Equip student devices with educational books & apps.


Empower your frontline workers by allowing the use of personal devices for work & optimize user-productivity.

Information Technologies

Improve employee availability by extending secure access to work apps & resources on personal devices of the employees.

Simplify BYOD Management with itkmdm

Using itkmdm BYOD solutions, IT admins can quickly enroll BYO devices, publish apps and establish secure communication between the workforce without hampering data privacy of the employees.


Ease of enrollment

Enroll & manage iOS, macOS and Android devices through single dashboard. Quickly apply security policies , email & network settings.


Efficient App Management

Streamline app & content distribution. Protect business data by restricting sharing between managed and unmanaged apps.


Personal Data Privacy

Maintain personal data privacy. Remotely wipe-off only business data if an employee leaves or device is stolen or lost.


Flawless Communication

Flawless Communication - Stay connected with your team through the EVA Communication Suite. Exchange two-way messages and VoIP calling within your organization.

Enforce IT Policies to Keep Corporate Data Secure

itkmdm BYOD software works towards broadening the scope of your BYOD implementation while ensuring total BYOD security and protection of your corporate data and resources. The effective security features of itkmdm close all the security gaps, which is the major IT concern, and also make sure that users’ privacy is not breached.

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Mac BYO Devices

Securing Corporate Data on Employee-owned Devices

Leverage ease-of-use provided by devices your employees are familiar with! Amplify employee productivity by providing seamless, secure access to business apps and resources with itkmdm.

  • Boost productivity, ensure data security, reduce costs

  • Consistent access to business resources & apps

  • Enhanced settings for user data privacy

  • Comprehensive policy application to secure business data

  • Restricted data sharing between work and personal apps

  • Selective wipe-off business data without compromising personal data

  • Manage Android, iOS & macOS BYO devices through a single console

Seamless App Distribution & Management

Distribute business apps from App Store and Playstore on employee-owned devices. Publish enterprise apps to provide coherent access to business resources.


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Stay Connected with Your Team Through EVA Communication Suite

itkmdm BYOD solution comes with a tightly integrated EVA communication suite that allows the users to stay connected with their teams through two-way chat and VoIP calls.

Eva Messenger

Enable users to communicate with the team & the admin through chat, VoIP calls & conference calling.

Eva Phone

Publish Business contact lists and ease communication within workforce.

Eva Notification

Receive real-time alerts & updates on device health and violations

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Itkmdm allows organizations to secure & manage endpoints including smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged devices, mPOS, and digital signages, along with apps and content. It supports the management of Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10 devices.

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